Rita Collette

Art appreciation played a minor role in my corporate world until I moved to Colorado. Stained glass classes were offered near my home and I became addicted. Many years later, I create at every opportunity even if it is just drawing/drafting a vision.

My custom and unique pieces can be seen in local homes, other Colorado cities, and as far away as California.

I create stained glass using the Tiffany (foil) and Lead methods. The steps are – design the pattern, select glass for its texture and color, cut and grind the glass for the pattern, foil the glass (wrap a thin ribbon of sticky back foil) or place lead channel around the glass, fit the pieces to the pattern, tack solder the pieces together. Then either solder a bead on foiled pieces or solder all connections on leaded pieces. Finish with framing if for sale, or as required for a home/office installation.

The Tiffany method is the primary process for my hummingbirds, jewelry/knick-knack boxes, fairies/angels, and small panels such as cowboy boots, hearts, abstracts.