Tom Cappas

Tom is a full time clinical psychologist working in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  He is in private practice as well as a supervisor in the University of Detroit Doctoral Clinical Psychology Program. His interest in photography culminated in a five year program in photography at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.  It was there that he was introduced to a variety of photographic mediums and printing processes that included B+W, platinum/palladium, masking large format images, and piezography.

Tom’s photography covers a myriad of photographic subjects including landscape, sports, portraitures, and architectural subjects.  His work has basically utilized large format 8×10 camera systems and accentuating the images with a masking process.

Also he has moved to the digital realm and has begun to explore various methods of combining traditional photographic processes with modern digital technology.

Tom’s photographic journey includes many shows and awards.  He has been involved with three exhibitions in the Czech Republic, two individual shows in the Detroit area, and several talks and publications utilizing photography and psychoanalysis.