Stephanie Foster

For me, there is nothing more playful than listening to the soft rustle of aspen leaves, more invigorating than feeling mountain stream water meander through my toes, more joyful than watching a toddler splash unabashedly in a fresh mud puddle. Though the details may differ for each individual person, we are all connected to nature in a way that feels both personal and universal. With this understanding, I aim to create functional ceramic art that reflects and evokes those heartfelt, wholesome feelings of nature-inspired delight and simplicity through the enjoyment of the everyday, whether that be a warm mug filled to the brim with fragrant morning coffee or a bowl to serve the splendor of a crisp veggie salad. It is in those magical moments that I personally feel the most nourished and nurtured and the most inspired to create and serve as a ceramic artist and holistic health provider. And so it is my greatest wish that you also find and follow the simple joys that make your individual heart smile. Be well!