Don Fairchild

Dr. Don Fairchild is a “semi-retired” clinical psychologist and part-time professional photographer.  His portfolios include nature/landscape images, portraits, wildlife, trains, and calendar photos.  Images are created in black/white, color, and sepiatone renditions using 35mm, medium format, or large format equipment.

Don is currently a resident artist in the Shadow Mountain Gallery ownership group and serves as chair of the special events and shows committee. He has been juried in for exhibits with T.E.N.A.S., Arts Alive, Evergreen Public Library, Roudnice (Czech Repub.) Town Library and Gallery, Velvary (Czech Repub.) Town Gallery, and was awarded the second place prize in the 2009 Lakewood Arts Council “Artists Choice” show.  His photography has been published in the “Seasons Of Our Mountains” calendar, the Mountain Directory 2000, and the Mountain Connection newspaper.

Don “transplanted” from the Midwest to Colorado in 1962 and began pursuing serious photography in 1965 having studied at  Red Rocks Community College Art Dept. and numerous workshops with Howard Bond, Phil Davis, and George Lepp.  He has been an Evergreen resident since 1977 and a resident artist with Shadow Mountain Gallery since 1991.